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What does healthy mean?

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A healthy body and mind go hand in hand to be truly healthy! If you are slim,that does not automatically make you healthy. A slim person may have high cholesterol, be a smoker, have depression.

Here are some pointers to consider.

  • Stop filling your day with things you hate. Like the gym. Think about how you can achieve the desired weight in other ways such as dancing or just being more active throughout your day, like walking those last 2 bus
  • stops, always taking the stairs.
  • Eat well. Eat in moderation and the correct portion size. If you don’t know what this is, look it up online or visit your Doctor. The general principle is shown below.
  • Eat more brain foods. Eat slowly, give your brain the time to tell your body that you are full and have had enough.
  • Be present, how can you truly feel at peace if your mind is wondering all over the place. if your mind is overactive this will affect your health through lack of sleep or bad sleep, anxiety poor appetite or over eating.
  • Unwind properly, we must allow our brains to switch off and re charge the same way as we need to charge our mobiles! Why not allocate a small time to worrying, no more than 1 hour a day. Write down a list of to do’s and worries. By acknowledging a worry, you ultimately will remove it.
  • Keep house, keep your home tidy and you will subconsciously feel better.
  • Messy houses point to inner turmoil, over the top clean, inner rigidity, but tidy and clean is a peaceful mind.
  • Sleep longer, bad sleeps, lack of sleep leads to a bad following day and a weak immune system.
  • Go to bed early, sleep at least 7/8 hours a night. Have a warm drink but don’t drink too much or you will be up visiting the toilet all night! Take a book to bed, shut off all noise, try earplugs. Switch your phone off. Make
  • sure the bed is comfortable and you are not too hot or cold. Keep a pad of paper and pen by your bed so you can write down any nagging thoughts
  • or reminders. once you have jotted it down you can forget about it, continue relaxing and have a better sleep.
  • Drink lots of water, this will help with weight loss and dehydration also research has shown it reduces cancer!! lack of water takes your energy away and gives you headaches. increased water intake is great for your
  • skin, fatigue and filling you up so you’re not snacking all day. when you are thirsty the brain tricks you into thinking you are hungry so always drink water first if you think you are hungry. I recommend 8 glasses a day. Keep a diary so you know how much water you are drinking.
  • Keep a pet, reduces loneliness and research has shown. reduces blood pressure during times of great stress. Spend time playing and stroking your pet when you come home of an evening. 30 Min’s is the recommended daily amount, great bonding for your pet and great for you
  • to switch off and think of something else other than you and your issues.
  • PMA. Positive mental attitude, choose to embrace your life, love who you are, try some CBT therapy to get you started and on your way. ask your Doctor .

Good Luck !

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life coaching in Fulham

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