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Getting married? Moving in together, starting a family?

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Everyone should see a life coach to prepare for living with a partner or getting married!

Nearly 20% of married couples divorce within the first five years.

I see many people who are making big life decisions with very little emotional preparation.
Life coaching will prepare you. You will understand boundaries, your core values, what needs must be met, what makes you happy in a relationship and what’s important to you individually and together. Are there some childhood issues that you have not dealt with? Things that your partner unwittingly will trigger in you, causing arguments without the understanding from either of you of how to handle and fix these triggers. Would you like to explore how to navigate communication and master this instead of bickering and arguing? Perhaps exhibiting reactionary tendencies.

Have you explored what a family would look like? How do you want to bring up your children? Are you both on the same page with your values and ideals?
What things are non-negotiable In a relationship for you? For both of you.
Have you discussed your plans? Is there room for change? Did you know that weight gain is one of the main reasons for divorce?
One partner then finds the other unattractive. Weight gain affects someone’s self-esteem, affecting their desire to be intimate.

Does anyone struggle with depression or low mood, anxiety or low self-esteem or struggle with work-life balance? Are there any intimacy issues or barriers that need to be addressed? Are there mental health issues like ADHD or the suspicion that your partner may have a condition, be it mild or more severe? What are your expectations of each other?

What happens after the honeymoon period ends? How do you stay connected? People change over time. You may stop having things in common. Life and circumstances and children create change, and growing together is important. Undiscussed Debt can create huge problems, thinking that marriage will solve it, in reality will not work! If one likes to go out and party hard, they will not suddenly stop doing this or want to do it because they are married. The annoying habits will remain. Not speaking your mind and bottling up emotions will also lead to trouble in paradise.

Family issues with the in-laws can cause untold pressure in a relationship. Religious differences and disputes over family responsibilities. Different views on parenting.
The list is endless. You may have some doubts, but you are sweeping them under the carpet, ignoring the red flags that, if discussed, may be resolved.

Would some CBT (cognitive behavioural therapy)be beneficial? Create a more positive mindset and thus try to ensure a calmer, happier path together.
If we know exactly what our individual needs and plans are and also have a clear understanding of our partner’s needs and plans, wouldn’t the future seem brighter and wouldn’t you feel more confident and excited?

Are you both the best versions of yourself? Can you do individual and joint work before you embark on a life together? Is it worth investing in yourselves now to avoid future Turmoil?

The coaching cycle is 3-6-12 months, and we see each other weekly on zoom.

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Annie Fontaine

As a qualified life coach, I assist individuals working on their relationships, be it at work or in their personal lives. Good communication plays a huge part in being successful within your relationships.

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Getting married? Moving in together, starting a family?

Prepare for living with a partner Featured Image