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So, You’ve Broken Up With Your Partner During Lockdown: How Can Relationship Coaching Help You?

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If you’ve been among the number of people whose relationship has suffered during lockdown, then you certainly aren’t the only one. Numerous individuals have reported that the pandemic has understandably placed undue strain upon their relationship with their significant other. More often than not, it meant months apart with no prospect of reuniting anytime soon. Alternatively, it meant rushing to move in together and the relationship subsequently collapsing with the pressure of this huge move. This isn’t the end of the world though. By undergoing relationship coaching, you can patch up the issues in your current relationship or move forward to finding someone new.

Mental Strain

Having to endure so many big lifestyle changes in such quick succession will likely have placed great strain on your emotions. Perhaps you are feeling overwhelmed with this and unsure how to cope or move forward.

This is where a relationship life coach will help ease some of the strain you are feeling, not only as someone who you can talk to, but also as someone to provide you with practical advice.

How Can Life Coaching Help?

A relationship coach can be helpful in this instance as they are someone outside of your usual circle of confidants. They can provide you with impartial support and advice. Because they aren’t in any way connected to your daily life, you may feel more comfortable confiding in them.

Undergoing relationship coaching in London will also equip you with the tools to help yourself in a way that a therapist cannot. Where a therapist can only really listen, a life coach will help you

work on yourself and suggest changes to make for a happier you. Therapy is focused on looking backwards whereas life coaching focuses on moving forward.

Improving Self Esteem After a Breakup

Confidence and self-worth are often two of the things which take the biggest hit after a breakup. It is normal to have a crisis of confidence in the wake of a relationship breakdown. In the current pandemic, this is even more likely given the uncertainty of our lives at the moment. Life coaching in London will help you to rebuild and nurture this, something which will be a vital first step in your journey.

Steps You Can Take To Help Yourself

It is important to take time for yourself when you are experiencing relationship issues or indeed a breakup. Whilst taking time to think and reflect on the problems you are facing is important, so is taking your mind off things and escaping your thoughts for a while.

Here are some tips of things you can do to achieve this:

  • Make time for the activities you love the most.
  • See your favourite people, friends and family.
  • Take up a new hobby, perhaps something creative like painting or an instrument.
  • Keep active! The feel-good endorphins of exercise will certainly lift your mood.
  • Practice some form of mindfulness or meditation.



When you feel the time is right, getting back out there and going on dates with people (in a socially distanced way of course!) will help too. Obviously, this isn’t something to rush into but something to consider when you are ready. This can similarly help to lift your confidence again as you get back into the swing of dating.

Relationship coaching can help to boost your self-esteem before this, meaning that dating no longer seems daunting to you.


How Can I Book A Life Coach In London?

If you’re struggling to get over your relationship woes by yourself and you feel that you could benefit from the help of a life coach, get in touch today. Annie Fontaine will provide a free quote based on your individual needs and help you on your way to a happier, more balanced life. Click ‘contact now’ to schedule an initial consultation. Let’s work together!

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So, You’ve Broken Up With Your Partner During Lockdown: How Can Relationship Coaching Help You?

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