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Want to the best “you” in your relationship? Annie Fontaine provide you the best relationship coaching & counselling in London, UK.

Your relationship is either too good to leave or too bad to stay in. It can’t be both.

We will break down your day to day living and figure out together what steps you need to put in place to be happy, one way or another. Life is not a rehearsal.

Relationships are hard work but you must decide if you are up to doing the work!  

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Relationship Coach London

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Relationships contribute to more than 70% of our perceptions of life. Friendships are, however complex. The complexity of relationships makes it hard to have a singular definition of a “perfect relationship.”
However, the complications are as a result of expectations people have towards relationships. In most cases, people have assumptions that other people understand what they want or what they expect. In recent studies — by different universities in Europe — lack of shared expectations creates a void which eventually destroys good relationships.
People relate differently. Some are lovers, family and others are co-workers. Understanding the art of balancing expectations is the best way to handle friendships. Although friendships and relationships are of different kinds, the manual of protecting and preserving them is similar — be truthful.
The complexity of relationships, however, is a perfect indication that looking for professional help is essential, Annie Fontaine provide the best relationship coaching & counselling in London, UK.

Relationship problems

The concept of a “perfect relationship” is farfetched. Relationship problems arise from the following factors.

Different expectations

The reason why many relationships are dysfunctional is the difference in expectations. Regardless of the nature of a relationship, it is impossible to isolate individual expectations. If the expectations are similar, then it is an ideal relationship. However, if people do not have similar expectations, conflicts are unavoidable.


Did you know that over 80% of all conflicts in the world are as a result of miscommunications? Communication pundits point out that lack of proper dissemination of information can either dent a relationship or create a huge rift between parties. Therefore, communication is the glue that keeps relationships and friendships together.


Although different expectations and miscommunications have a huge impact on relationships, dishonesty is also a significant factor in destroying relationships. Parties in a relationship may have little or no control over expectations and miscommunications, but they have sole responsibility in this factor. For better relationships, honesty is crucial.

Other relationship issues include the following;

  • Trust issues from both or one party
  • Different life paces
  • Differences in the parental upbringing

Who needs relationship advice?

We are social beings and relationships are central to our lives. Although the nature of relationship advice may vary, everybody needs advice. For specific cases, the following are some of the indications that you need relationship advice, coach & counselling in london.

Finally, if you are uncertain about your abilities, it is a sign that you need professional help. In this case, the professional helps you in identifying the reasons for your perception (about yourself) and the best approach to solve this challenge.

What can relationship coaching help with?

Relationship coaching is ideal in the following areas

Identifying similarities in expectations

One of the biggest relationship killers is different expectations. Expectations are important in any relationship, but if unmanaged, they can bring a “match made in heaven” down. A life coach is ideal in identifying expectations and underlining similarities more than differences.

Relationship coaching is ideal in streamlining communications

During life coaching sessions, a coach has an obligation of ensuring that the broken communication channels are restored. This process is not simple, and it may take several sessions for ideal results. The results are sustainable, and this may be a healing remedy for a relationship.

Relationship coaching is ideal in reconciling childhood (and general life) experiences with reality

In most cases, people are unable to relate well because of childhood memories and experiences. During life coaching sessions, the coach is able to identify these experiences. Although therapy sessions are ideal in dealing with childhood memories, a life coach helps the parties to find a way forward through sustainable solutions.

What kind of relationship help and advice can a life coach give me?

In the 21st century, you need a Life Coach for different reasons. Some of these reasons include;

A life coach helps in defining relationships

In multiple research carried out in relationships and family, it is clear that one of the reasons why people have bad relationships is the lack of clear definitions of their friendships. Fortunately, a Life Coach helps in categorising friendships based on different factors. Therefore, if you want to have a good relationship with others, defining friendships — with the help of a life coach — is essential.

A life coach is vital in realigning and redefining your dreams with reality

Dreams are important and everybody should have dreams and aspirations. However, some goals are unrealistic or too vague — to time. A life coach, therefore, assists the client in redefining goals, and if the aspirations are unclear, they help in finding a specific vision.

In addition to the above reasons why a life coach is important, you should also consider a life coach for other specific areas in your life. For example, if you have a fertility issue, you should consider a life coach. On the other hand, you should also consider a life coach if you have cold relationships with your co-workers or family members.

Common relationship issues may include:

Trust related issues

Did you know that lack of trust is the number one killer of most relationships? In addition, lack of trust is also one of the major reasons why emotional and physical sexual infidelity is on the rise.

In other cases, a lack of trust in a relationship causes unreasonable rigidity, especially to couples. In other cases, a lack of trust is a recipe for lack of mutual goals in a relationship.

Compatibility issues

Did you know that compatibility is one of the most important factors in any relationship? If a relationship lacks compatibility, it is impossible to work on that relationship. However, it is possible to work on compatibility challenges with a life coach.

A life coach helps in solving crucial compatibility challenges such as personality types, intimacy compatibilities, and why there is a lack of compatibility in a relationship.

In addition to the two major contributors to relational issues, other factors such as addictions have a significant impact on relationships.

How do you make strong work-relationships?

The process of making strong work-relationships involves the following factors.

Improve communications with co-workers

A better approach to communication is a game-changer in improving work relationships. If the communications between you and your co-workers are not efficient, the relationship is likely to be cold. Therefore, you have the duty of ensuring that the communication between you and your co-workers is effective.

Work on similar projects

In most cases, people have different perceptions of co-workers, which are incorrect. However, working on similar projects help in discovering one another’s strengths. In this important process, it is possible to prove wrong assumptions you may have towards one another.

Spend time after work

Do you spend time with your co-workers past the working hours? If the answer is no, you may be doing yourself an injustice. Spending time beyond work helps in bringing the human in you and therefore creating stronger relationships. However, the activities — after work with colleagues — must add value to your life. 



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