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Are You A New Mum? Life Coaching Could Be What You’re Looking For…

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Are you a new mum and feeling lonely? You were over the moon to be having a baby, though slightly worried about stopping work for a while and change in finances. Wondering perhaps would you get the support needed when this new baby arrives? Life coaching could be the answer to your troubles…mother, baby, parent, parenthood, enjoy, mum, happy | Pikist

New Motherhood:

It’s a year down the line. And you are feeling lonely. Your partner is at work and tired on returning home so you receive little or no help with the baby or the house.

You have stopped going to mummy meet ups as you are too tired (baby not sleeping well). You have a few mummy friends who are not around as much as you would like and you find yourself cruising the streets searching for cafes where you eat extortionate bites, drink copious amounts of coffee to feel on top of things and often find yourself eating and drinking with no real desire at all for either sustenance. All in order to entertain yourself and your little one and to feel like you are part of the world and doing something?

This is not how you imagined motherhood to be, overweight lonely, and exhausted!

Television is now getting a bit addictive especially in the winter months and with lack of sleep the cycle of loneliness as a new mum has begun.

Having a bath, eating, sleeping, socializing, all the things that were standard procedure are now incredibly hard as a new mum with this precious little addition to the family.

How Can Life Coaching Help As A New Mum?

  • Being a new mum certainly isn’t easy, have you lost your confidence?  Do you need confidence building, help with self-esteem? Getting a plan together? Learning about balance?
  • I invite you to attend a complimentary 30 mins life coaching in London taster session in order to ease your burden and help you find coping mechanisms to get yourself a happier life (be it a somewhat different life now.)

I will help equip you with tools to get back to work, perhaps start up a business from home, or to reinvent yourself. Or maybe to improve your social life, or simply offering you a safe space to ease your troubles.



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As a qualified life coach, I assist individuals working on their relationships, be it at work or in their personal lives. Good communication plays a huge part in being successful within your relationships.

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Are You A New Mum? Life Coaching Could Be What You’re Looking For…

Happy children COACH