Me Time all year round

Everyone will no doubt agree that taking time for yourself is vital. How many of us fixate on work, cleaning, losing weight, and caring for others more than ourselves?

It is that word “balance “we all hear and read about so often.

If you have more time for yourself, doing what genuinely makes you happy and not just because you feel virtuous for having it done it. Such as exercising at the gym! You will feel happier.

 If you feel happier and more fulfilled you will complete your actual mundane responsibilities much more effectively.

If you think you don’t have time then you will need to make time. If that feels impossible then I would suggest you are filling your days with far too many things to be healthy, with the correct balance to feel happy.

 The trick is to learn to feel comfortable with incomplete task such as a messy house, and focus on yourself for a time, then go back to the necessary tasks. It will take practice to let a few things slide temporarily.

 Start off small, baby steps.  Perhaps leave the washing up in the sink until you have had a cup of tea and a read through your best loved magazine. You can work your way up to leaving work half an hour early to watch a show or to go for a walk in the park.

Let me be clear, restorative time, does not include social media and mindless television. More often than not you will find those activities draining.

When you start taking care of you, and your happiness, I want you to sit and consciously be aware of how doing these small things every day makes you feel.  Imprinting in your mind that feel good feeling and create and plan more of it every day.

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