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Coping With The Loss Of A Pet With Life Coaching

Two Dogs sitting on the table in the Garden

How do you get over losing a pet? 

Losing a much-loved companion  is devastating, and the grief can be too. Having a pet is just the same as adding a new member to your family. It is as important as any human relationship. When you experience this loss it is the same as a death in the family and so you need time to process your grief.

  1. Getting a new pet when it feels right will really help, just make sure you don’t get a pet that looks anything like the last one or you will feel like you are replacing your old pet, and we all know that this is impossible.
  2. Get your pet from the RSPCA or shelter then you won’t feel like you are replacing but helping an animal that needs you.
  3. Spend time remembering your pet but don’t spend too much time dwelling on its passing as this will be unhealthy for you.
  4. Have a good cry, crying will stop you falling into the trap of bottling up your emotions. It’s natural to suffer a loss and you mustn’t fight the unhappiness. Everything takes a natural time to heal. Better to have loved and lost than to never have loved at all.
  5. Get your pet cremated to remember its life and to keep it close by if you so wish.
  6. Go and buy a book to help you get through the grieving process.

Some More Suggestions…

  1. Count your blessings and take time to reflect on all the good things you have still in your life.
  2. Keep busy. If you are able to keep busy and occupied throughout the day it will take your mind off things and this will definitely speed up the grieving process.
  3. Don’t throw away your animal’s belongings until you are strong enough, there are no rules on how to move on.
  4. Replace negative unhelpful thoughts with good ones. Perhaps imagine your pet being received up in heaven, and know that you will join it again one day, if you are not a religious person then just think on the good life you gave it and how content you made it.
  5. Try not to dwell in your grief. You can’t help the fact that you are sad but you can make sure that that you don’t let this grief and sadness take you over completely.dog, booth, chain, sorrow, eyes, tosca, loneliness, nursery, yard ...

How can life coaching help with the loss ?

Life coaching can give you to the tools to speed up your recovery from your grief. Life coaching can help in a practical way to cope with the less of your beloved companion whilst still leading a fulfilling life. Talking to someone about the loss you have experienced is an excellent way to cope with your grief in a healthy manner.


Good Luck.

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Coping With The Loss Of A Pet With Life Coaching

Two Dogs sitting on the table in the Garden