limiting beliefs

We all decide that each year will be improved on!

we will set new goals and improve our daily lives. All good intentions. Something is holding us back from succeeding, in what we believed, were completely possible changes, to be met. Let me help you get unstuck, start moving towards your dreams.

1. step outside your comfort zone. You may have been planning to join a gym, write a book, travel. Get a mind map together to be clear on your dreams and future wishes. (google mind maps)

2.limiting beliefs.  These negative thoughts, stop us progressing and moving forward. Thoughts such as, “I’m not good enough, clever enough, pretty enough. ” no one likes work and their jobs really, everyone finds life hard, that’s the way it is etc (The 7 rules of success by Fiona Harold) book recommendation.

3.Get balance into your life. Think about what really makes you happy and think about what things you need to do daily to enrich your life.

  1. Take care of and nurture yourself. You cannot accomplish anything if you’re unhealthy. …

  2. Know what your priorities are. Balance does not entail cramming in every activity possible. …

  3. Create an efficient mindset. …

  4. Expect the unexpected. …

  5. Maintain a positive mental attitude.

4.Procrastination. (how to stop procrastinating with the 2 minute rule)  There are two parts to the 2–Minute Rule…Part 1 — If it takes less than two minutes, then do it now. Part I comes from David Allen’s bestselling book, Getting Things Done. It’s surprising how many things we put off that we could get done in two minutes or less. For example, washing your dishes immediately after your meal, putting the laundry in the washing machine, taking out the rubbish, cleaning up clutter, sending that email, and so on.

Part 2 — When you start a new habit, it should take less than two minutes to do.

Can all your goals be accomplished in less than two minutes? Obviously not.

But, every goal can be started in 2 minutes or less. And that’s the purpose behind this little rule.

It might sound like this strategy is too basic for your grand life goals, but I beg to differ. It works for any goal because of one simple reason: the physics of real life.

The 2–Minute Rule works for big goals as well as small goals because of the inertia of life. Once you start doing something, it’s easier to continue doing it. I love the 2–Minute Rule because it embraces the idea that all sorts of good things happen once you get started.

5. Willpower. How to Strengthen Your Willpower Don’t keep yourself in a constant state of willpower depletion. …Use your imagination. …Think about something else. …Build good habits; you’ll need them when you’re stressed. …One step at a time. …Be yourself. …Don’t put yourself in temptation’s way, or if you do, have a plan.

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