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What my clients say?

Sam ridgway
2 March 2022
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Annie has changed my life for the better, I was low in confidence, struggling with my anxiety’s and depression, and it was effecting my work. After 3 months I’m able to handle whatever life throws at me.
21 January 2022
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We used Annie as we were stuck in a rut with our relationship and it was beginning to impact the whole family. She helped each of us to understand the other better and gave us lots of practical tools to improve not only our relationship with each other but also with our children.
13 October 2021
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Annie’s life coaching has changed my life for the better - in the past 3 months I’ve developed into a whole new person, I’m so much more confident at work and in my relationships and my quality of life is so much better. I can’t thank Annie enough for helping me find within myself what I would’ve struggled to find on my own. Thank you Annie!
12 October 2021
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Annie has really helped me discover more about the way I think. Having struggled with depression and anxiety and tried several therapists, my work with Annie’s guidance through life coaching has been the most impactful.

Life Coaching & for confidence in London, UK

Then what do all these clients have in common ?

They all realised that this was a journey of discovery and change and hard work. In partnership, as a team I will help you to make positive change in your life. Concrete change. This will require discipline. If you are lacking in discipline we will work on that first .

I encourage you to think about the end of our journey, visualise succeeding but also to remember to be present and actually enjoy the journey. The past is gone , the future hasn’t happened. All we really have is right now . The present.

Think of how your life would look if I could show you another way, if someone said to you, ‘hey I can show you a route home that is enjoyable, and faster and easy to navigate,once you learn the way.

Wouldn’t you want to go down that road ?

We all inherently know what we want to be doing but who has time to think about how we feel, what we need , what actually makes us happy day to day ? We are all trying to survive and that’s the point surviving isn’t living!

In our sessions, the space is created to explore thoughts and make plans and create long term change.

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Over the years, I have committed countless hours into understanding the workings of the human mind, and what makes us tick. Let me unburden your mind.

LIFE COACHING vs Counselling

The difference between life coaching and counselling in London, UK is that life coaching is more action based. You have a safe place to talk and once certain traits or negative thinking patterns, for example are highlighted, you then need to set goals and action them with my help. We will look at your past and decide on your future. 

You will learn to live in the ‘now‘ and feel a great relief having unburdened yourself. I will give you tools to create the life you truly want and deserve and I will encourage and support you until you feel ready to go it alone. You will have a folder full of relevant info pertaining to your life and answers to thoughts and questions that we discovered along the way to permanently be able to refer to. I will be available to you in between your sessions for any difficulties and loss of motivation. You will require discipline (which again can be worked on) if indeed that is what is holding you back. You will need to stay focused and be able to forgive yourself if and when you fall off course. There is greatness within all of us that just needs help igniting.

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Confidence Building and career COACHING

Did you know that your approach to projects is one of the major determiners of whether they will be successful or not? Your mindset is a great tool in succeeding in any endeavour. The world is however unpredictable, and life uncertainty has affected great minds and people with huge potential to change the world.
In our career coaching sessions, we explore important areas such as your strengths. Understanding your strengths is a great stride towards confidence building. We also explore some of the issues that affect your control levels.
In order to have a holistic approach to confidence coaching, our sessions are also centered on understanding your work environment, dreams, and more importantly, the nature of communication between you and other people.

Confidence Building coach
Happy children COACH

Happy children COACH for parenting skills

In the 21 Century, parenting has its share of challenges. One of these challenges is the democratisation of information and social media. Children are not only exposed to different roles models but also virtual dangers. Raising happy children is, however, not a farfetched dream to modern parents.
In our customised children coaching sessions, we handle all parenting realities such as how to be an ideal caregiver, disciplinarian and more importantly, being a friend to your children.
In advanced children coaching sessions in London, we also handle other essential factors, such as finding the right nanny. 
As a life coach in London, my primary role is to help parents in redefining parenting in the 21 Century. 

Relationship COACHING and building confidence

I’m sure you have heard of the popular book ‘men are from Mars and women from Venus “

I will teach you to understand the fundamental differences between men and women . You will feel empowered to re design your relationship and finally put any bad feeling aside and learn to rub alongside your partner in harmony and inject the fun back into the relationship. Relationships will always take continuous effort . Together during our relationship coaching sessions we will discover if a clean break is preferable and explore a new future for you . We will explore CBT therapy and perfect the art of positive thinking. We will look at all the areas of your life and decide together on where some improvement is needed . You will learn to love life again and see every day as a blessing in your relationship.

Relationship COACHING & Counselling london
Eating For Fertility

Eating For Fertility COACH

My journey eating for fertility It took me 6 years to finally have my beautiful baby girl Scarlett . I made sure I ate correctly , took all the pills and potions necessary . I read books to improve my egg health quality after being told that now being 42 my eggs had depleted and were not that great anyway . I can recommend ‘it starts with the egg’ by Rebecca Fett . My partner had suffered testicular cancer and we were both told it was highly unlikely I would get pregnant naturally . I got myself a fertility expert whom I am happy to recommend on request . I threw out all the plastics in my house and did anything that I was advised to do to speed this process of getting pregnant up ! I tried relaxation, yoga , acupuncture etc etc and still nothing . If you want to know how I finally achieved my dream , then please click on my blogs.
Annie Fontaine

About annie

In the last two decades, I have experienced the dark side of the corporate world. However, I have been able to find my purpose during this time, which is assisting people to overcome corporate, social and relationship challenges.

During the self-discovery period, I came across an article in a psychology magazine. The article, which was written by a life coach, was my turning point. After reading the article, I was confident in what I wanted to do, which is being a full-time Life Coach & consultant.

Currently, I am a versatile life coach working with different people. I have worked with people on various projects, primarily on relationships, parenting and fertility.

My clients are diverse from marketing directors , actresses , designers , ballerinas , mothers , students, chefs , doctors & scientists.



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