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Finding the best life Coach in Croydon, London? Annie Fontaine Offering qualified  life coaching & counselling.

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Relationship Coaching in Croydon, London

Relationship Coaching in Croydon, London – Relationships dictate our approach to life, and more importantly, our relationships shape our views on success and failures. Unlike other facets of life, relationships can either be too great to trade-in with anything or too complicated to stay.

The importance (and complications) of our relationships is the main reason why our Relationship Coaching Sessions are engaging and highly interactive. I believe as a life coach, I have an obligation of assisting you in identifying what you need in relationships and how you can build better relationships.

Since life is not a rehearsal, I am determined to help you build better relationships — in line with your life goals.

Life Coach

Life Coaching in Croydon, London

Life Coaching in Croydon, London – “Life coaching” is a vast topic. As a life coach, I have the duty of simplifying this important niche for maximum results. In our sessions, therefore, we explore all life’s facets for better results.

Our first and most crucial discussion areas are career and personal growth. We will tackle important questions such as what you need to progress in the corporate world.

During our Life Coaching sessions, we also discuss important factors like career goals. We will also explore what you need to get promotions and progress in your career.

After our interactive sessions, you will be in a better position to handle life challenges — both in personal and career life.

Life COACH & Counselling
Confidence Building coach
Life Coach

Confidence Building Coach

“An ideal world” does not exist! Life has its share of disappointments and challenges.
Fortunately, our sessions are ideal for confidence coaching. We have five-part criteria for life coaching. We explore the following five life-parts.
In our interactive sessions, we explore your performance and, more importantly, your strengths. We also review your control limits and how they affect your confidence. Thirdly, I appreciate the importance of communication and individual confidence.
Fourthly, we also look at your colleagues and establish if you fit in or not. Finally, I have an obligation as a life coach to discuss the future, your aspirations, and how these factors affect your confidence.

Life Coach

Eating For Fertility Counselling & Coaching

Organic food is the key to fertility, a long life, and a better self-image! In our quest for improving fertility, organic food is our primary focus.
It is an open secret that the food we eat contains toxins. The food has a significant impact on our health and, more importantly, our fertility. In our engaging sessions, we explore different ways of avoiding toxins. For attainable results, I will work on a viable option that will increase your chances of becoming pregnant.
In our journey of exploring different approaches to healthy eating, I put into consideration food availability, the effect of food (especially allergies), and, more importantly, the organic food prices.

Eating For Fertility
Happy children COACH
Life Coach

Happy children Coach & Counseling

Parenting in the 21 Century is not only complicated but also unpredictable. For most parents, the concept of “Happy Children” is unattainable. Fortunately, our sessions are not only engaging but also an eye-opener to modern parents.
In our sessions, we strive to make you a better parent through our well-thought programs. During our engaging and fun sessions, we focus on two significant areas — education and communications. I appreciate the fact that it is impossible to be a good parent without addressing education and having an excellent approach to communications.
Therefore, during our sessions, we will focus on areas you need to do to improve in terms of communications. We will also explore some well-thought approaches to education.
Our sessions help in making your home a haven for your children!



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