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Top Rated Life Coach in Wimbledon, London

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Its imperative to connect well with your chosen life coach, and to make sure that you are a good match. Life coaching is a journey through thoughts, feelings and commitment to change. 

Life Coaching

Best Life coach and consultant in Wimbledon, London

Your Happiness, your health and your performance are my priorities

It’s easy to lose focus of the bigger picture and keep on track with our individual goals.

I will teach you how to bring balance and success into your daily life. Having life coaching is a life-changing experience where dreams become your reality. The most successful amongst us are fully aware of the value in having a regular life coach to bounce off ideas and create realistic plans. I look forward to meeting you!

Life Coaching in Wimbledon, London can be one of the keys to a happier, healthier life. My job is to give you the tools and techniques to achieve a balanced and fulfilling life.

Perhaps, you may want a safe place to talk openly.
After receiving Life Coaching sessions, you will become well-versed at handling issues whenever and wherever they arise. Call now to schedule a session.    

Why Choose Annie Life Coach?

I am truly invested in my clients whom are seeking long term change, clients who will not accept living a half-hearted life come to see me. I have a high success rate and I bring all I have to give, to every session in Wimbledon, London. (please see reviews)

You may want to totally reinvent yourself with a new direction in your personal life or work life. You may be suffering with anxiety and low mood desperate to get some answers and put a plan together to move forward and be happy. You may struggle with discipline and emotional blocks that are holding you back.

You will feel supported and relaxed whilst we have our sessions. I am there for you in between sessions by text or email for any wobbly moments or if you are struggling with your home study. Counselling has its place of course but to really turn things around and have the life you deserve then work in between sessions is important. With life coaching you will receive more direction and tools to make changes.

The life coach cycle is not endless. clients will commit to 2-3 months with me 1 hour a week. If you want to speed up the process you may also do 2 hours a week. Most clients once we reach a natural end to our sessions will see me fortnightly and then monthly to keep on top of what they are learning.

It’s a lovely experience being able to release thoughts and tensions, make plans, set goals and have
Me to guide you throughout.

Who would benefit from life coaching Wimbledon, London?

The answer to that is anyone! anyone who is ready to be challenged, possesses discipline and happy to trust in the process. Clients that I see struggle with anxiety, depression, addiction, negative self-image and struggles with daily life. Family balance, weight loss and fertility issues. You may want to open up a business or feel more empowered in your place of work, you may need to improve your confidence or simply have someone you can trust to talk to in confidence at Wimbledon, London.  You may come and see me for 1 issue and find that other issues need to be explored first. Our sessions are a chance to breath, think and discover more about yourself.

My Approach to Life Coaching and Personal Development

Firstly, I need to hear from my client. I need to be equipped with all the information to create a plan Some sessions will be the client talking through thoughts and feelings and some sessions will be me giving direction, helping you to create mind maps, action plans and explaining the tools you will need to make changes and break habits. I am guided by my client as to what task needs to be tackled next and I send my clients home study on relevant topics based on each individual goal. I support you throughout and I offer honest and helpful feedback. I am straight talking and try and make my clients feel energised. You will set goals based on what you want to focus on. Look at your strengths and skills, look at how to action these goals. I will hold you accountable in taking your goals forward. We will explore barriers and limiting beliefs.

Enough Is Enough. Hire A Coach.

Do you feel like you are on a hamster wheel going around and around and getting nowhere? Is life feeling like a struggle and unfulfilling, are you confused and need direction? Do you have low mood and negative self-image? These are just a few of the numerous good reasons to see a life coach!!

Powerful Results

Imagine a life that you truly desire and then we make it happen together.
The work that you really want to do, the house and town you want to live in, the friends you deserve to have. The family you dreamed of. The travel you desire, all become a reality. This is now your life!! There is no shame in hiring a life coach. It is forward thinking and healthy. When you are living your life, it is very difficult to see clearly when negative situation arrive, a life coach will help you to see clearly and to make informed choices. To make dreams a reality. To create positive change to live a more fulfilling, rewarding, happy life. Life coaching some may say is a luxury, however I believe it is an investment and what better to invest in, than yourself! It is an investment for life. A game changer, a walk through the world of possibilities, that with careful thinking and planning will become your life. How exciting!!

An Investment For Life

I have been very successful in helping my clients improve their confidence. Through discipline and hard work and the client accepting to make positive changes, accepting they will be outside their comfort zone whilst learning to improve their confidence, amazing changes will occur. If you need to be more assertive at work, or if you are going back to work after a baby or moving into a new line of work, I will give you the tools to work with. Perhaps you want to improve your confidence within a relationship or you simply need support in making a big decision in Wimbledon, London.

Imagine feeling in control and clear minded. Imagine feeling the fear but doing it anyway. What would it be like to actualise your dreams because you have learned how to feel more confident? We will visit your past to establish how you reached this point and then we will draw a line under it and start goal setting.

If you are lacking in self-belief you may feel like you are drowning in negative thoughts. The voice in your head that creates negative self-talk messages e.g. “I’m rubbish at this, I look terrible, I’m so stupid. “it’s all going to go wrong” The harsh inner critic that is irrational and catastrophises everything! I will assist you in quietening down the “downer voice” in you with learning and breaking bad habits. On the other hand if you are full of self confidence its about knowing that you are enough and that you can handle almost anything .



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