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Life Coaching: The Remedy To Your Fear

Self-Harming Behaviour Showed By Girl

Life is full of opportunities which offer us avenues to set our goals in the ambit of what is presented to us. Tapping into the opportunities, some obstacles inhibit us from reaching our greatest potentials and achieving the desired goals. These obstacles come in different coats which must be stripped to pave the way to reaching our goals and starting on our journey towards self-improvement.Fear,anxiety,emotion,worry,scared - free image from needpix.com

Obstacles and how to remove them:

  • Fear: The biggest enemy of self-improvement is the phobia of failing. No one wants to lose or is afraid of success. In a bid to avoid losing, you opt to FEAR; an acronym that stands for: Forget Everything And Run, abandoning the goal with no achievement. To get anything done, you must erase this impediment from your thinking faculty on the goals being set.

To overcome fear, the following steps can be taken;

  • Figure out your fear. Find out what you are afraid of, identifying the problem makes the problem half solved.
  • Identify means to overcome such fear. After identifying your fear, the quest for solutions to the problem comes. Seeking resources needed to erase the fear is one of the foundations of self-improvement.
  • Seek advice. Consult experts who have experiences in the project and find out if they faced such fears, and how they overcame theirs and advice on how to overcome yours.
  • Do not be afraid of failing. Failure is a learning process, a mistake which happens and should spur you to work more towards your objective. You can hire a life coach who will bring out your potentials to optimal.
  • Boosting self-confidence. Talking to a life coach and adhering to tips from the sessions with the coach will enhance your self-esteem and boost your confidence level to take steps and accomplish your goals.

Proactive Steps To Take

  • Set your goals. To achieve any goal, such a goal must be identified. The means of achieving the goals must be outlined by cogent steps to reach your goals. It is the first line of any worthwhile endeavour as it involves planning.
  • The lack of focus on the aim mitigates the means of reaching it. One step a time, persist and stay focused on your self- improvement and spend your time wisely on every aspect of your goal.
  • Avoid procrastination. Do not save for tomorrow what you can do today, you will not accomplish your aims if you keep putting a task off for another day when you can do it. Take responsibility and work on your self-improvement.
  • Lack of resources. Limited resources also form a stumbling block to taking steps that will move you towards your goals. To eliminate this, seek help from friends and family to access resources to support your course to self-improvement.


Willingness is to take a risk: life is about risk, create a mindset of a two-way route to success that you either win or learn from it. Great winnings come from risk taken, build a risk-taking mentality and see you overcoming your fear rather than staying in your comfort zone, something which is fundamental to self-improvement.


How Can Life Coaching Help With Fear and Self- Improvement?

  • Verbalising your fear can instantly help to remedy it
  • A life coach can help you make a detailed plan to counteract what you are afraid of
  • A coach can also give you practical strategies to do this, as well as the tools for self-improvement.
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Life Coaching: The Remedy To Your Fear

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