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How to Overcome an Inferiority Complex

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Dealing with a lack of confidence can impact many areas of your life. An inferiority complex occurs when you believe you are worth less than the other people in your life. This can extend to your working life, your friendships, and your love life. These feelings of inferiority can manifest in several different ways that have a negative influence on the way you present yourself to the world. You may feel jealous or angry, or perhaps feel completely hopeless about how to lift yourself from the persistent emotions of inferiority. The way we perceive ourselves is vital for the way we act in our day-to-day lives. If we feel we cannot achieve something, we won’t be able to find the motivation to chase after it. Overcoming an inferiority complex and finding more confidence and self-worth will have a positive impact in your personal development.

Practise Self-Care

If you have an inferiority complex, no doubt you will be neglecting yourself in some way.

When our sense of self-worth has taken a hit, it can be difficult to treat ourselves in a loving and nurturing way. This is why self-care is the first step to regaining some of your confidence. If you see yourself as someone who deserves to be taken care of then your self-perception begins to shift. Whether you practise this self-care by pampering yourself or just making sure that you speak to yourself kindly, you will begin to grow in confidence.

Evaluate Your Existing Relationships and How They Benefit You

It will come as no surprise that having negative people in your life can cause a serious knock to your confidence. It can often be difficult to understand when this is happening. A lot of the time we believe that the people we love want the best for us. However, it is important to be able to identify when an existing relationship is negatively impacting your self-perception. It is vital that you examine how other people make you feel. Do they build you up and celebrate your successes? Do they make you feel like you can do anything? If not, it may be worth evaluating how they are impacting their life. Surrounding yourself with positive influences is a great way to build the happiest life for yourself.

Recognise Your Strengths

We are all guilty of being self-critical sometimes. It is easy to pick out our weaknesses and compare ourselves negatively to other people. By focusing on our flaws we are certain to be unhappy with our lives. This is why it is so important to identify your strong points. By understanding the ways in which you are unique and amazing, you allow yourself to grow in confidence. It is also important to understand that everyone has different strengths. Comparing your flaws with other people’s strengths will always leave you feeling flat. Why not try writing a list of everything you are good at? Whenever you’re feeling inferior, refer to the list, add to the list, and know that you have something great to offer.


Learn to Say ‘No’ More

When we have low confidence, it can be easy for people to walk all over us. It takes a lot of courage to stand up for yourself and assert what you need. By learning to say ‘no’ to things you don’t want to do, you avoid putting yourself in situations you are uncomfortable with. We can feel pressured to say yes as a way of being accepted by those around us but it is important to ensure we put ourselves first. This helps to lower the risk of being overwhelmed and will leave more time to focus on your own goals.

Book an Appointment with a Confidence Life Coach in London

All of the ways to overcome an inferiority complex listed about can be provided by a confidence life coach. With the guidance of a life coach, you will be able to dive into your past and get to the route of your confidence problems. By identifying why you feel inferior, you will be able to work through this and change your thought process. Although this is a vital foundation to your development, a confidence life coach won’t linger too long on your past issues but will focus instead on how best to move forward. By setting achievable goals you will be able to see the brighter, more confident path ahead.

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