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Working in an organization affords us the opportunity to meet individuals from different backgrounds, interests, and varying views on approaches to perform a tasks. These differing interests at times result in the conflict of interest between coworkers, superiors, etc, which may lead to a hostile work environment with a massive effect on productivity, employees on the job development, and the general organization’s growth.

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Workplace Issues

As an employee, you can adopt measures to handle issues in the work environment, such measures include:

  • Understanding the company’s rules: These are sets of rules and regulations that exist in an organization. To solve issues of conflicts, you can resort to the workers’ handbook to gain information to rules that pertain to the issues at hand and follow set procedures for addressing the said issues at hand.


  • Constant communication: Find a means to express your grievances. Talk with your superior on issues that border on your job satisfaction, personal issues that affect your productivity. Be open to feedback which is key in communication. It’s a process which opens the ground to resolving issues.


  • Job performance feedback: Employees look forward to the recognition of their efforts towards the goals of the organization. When such recognitions are not forthcoming, it is your responsibility to boost your image, get proper performance reviews and attract the desired attention that may come in the form of awards, promotion, salary increment, and so much more.


  • Handling a bully: Some superior colleagues are difficult to please and tend to be irritants to other employees; junior colleagues. To handle such a colleague, act within the ambit of the organization’s rules. Lay your grievances about the employee and continue to relate professionally with the colleague while letting Human Resource handle the issue. If it persists, be confrontational while sticking up to your rights in the organization.


  • Self-belief: An employee always exhibits confidence in one’s self. Have faith in your abilities so others/ superiors can entrust their faith in your ability to be delegated responsibilities and utilize your potentials to the fullest.


  • Lack of on-the-job training: Refresher courses help in personal development and growth of the individual staff. When such training is not forthcoming, it raises an issue in the workplace. To solve this, communicate your grievances to the management through the appropriate routes. Training helps build strategies for better job performances. Hence always avail yourself for such training as it builds skills to proffer solutions to issues.

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  • Seek advice: Always avail yourself to expert opinions, seek support from labour groups and other colleagues before embarking on a course of action to have backings that will champion the conflicting issues’ resolving course. Talk with life coaches, they will build a workable mental step that will aid your success in resolving issues.

In every organization, conflicts arise from time to time; a means of nipping it in the bud is the best approach to handling issues in the workplace. Seek amicable resolutions to avoid souring relationships with colleagues; agree to disagree to arrive at a compromise, and a win/win situation.

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