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How to Become More Confident in Expressing Your Emotions

become more confident

It can often be seen as a weakness to show your emotions. ‘Too emotional’ is assigned to people, often women, as a flaw in their character. As the world is progressing, we are finally seeing how important it is to be able to express the way you feel. It is a source of great power to utilise your emotions to show people what you want. This applies to all aspects of your life, whether in work, relationships or friendships, it is necessary to have the confidence to show how you feel in order to get what you need.


Communication is key to any relationship, be it romantic or friendship. It is important to be able to trust people with your emotions because it creates a more open and honest connection with the other person. This can be difficult, especially if you have had your trust broken in these situations before. It doesn’t have to be done all at once though. Don’t feel that you have to sit down with someone and express your emotions in one conversation. Try taking small steps towards opening up with someone. It can be scary to show so much of ourselves with another person so try with some smaller topics before moving onto more daunting conversations. If expressing yourself face to face with someone is too much initially, why not try writing it in a letter or email? This can be a good way to open the conversation in an easier way. You could even write down what you want to say before addressing someone face to face to ensure you don’t forget or lose the confidence to say it when they are in front of you. 

Practising and Preparing

If there is a particular person with whom you want to convey your emotions but you are finding it difficult expressing yourself in the right way, it can be helpful to discuss how you’re feeling with a separate party. If you want to convey how you’re feeling about your current situation at work, for example, but the idea of sitting down with your boss is overwhelming, try speaking to a trusted friend about what exactly it is you want to say. Roleplaying it beforehand can make the actual situation less frightening. 

Confidence Life Coach

What confidence life coaching involves

If, however, you are generally struggling to express your emotions with all the people in your life, an independent person can be helpful in understanding the bigger picture. A confidence life coach will go a step further than the people in your life because they won’t be afraid to push you beyond what you think you’re capable of and make you work to comprehend the emotions you have. You can openly discuss your past with them in confidence to help to understand the triggers for low confidence and fear of expressing emotions. They can then use this to help you move forward. A life coach will push you to do the work to improve on the situation causing you concern. They understand the complexities of how confidence is different for everyone. This means they will be able to tailor your coaching to you. This working through of the problem methodically, breaking it down and identifying the solution will allow you to confidently express your emotions and clarify what it is you want out of all aspects of your life. 

Self-Help V Online Life Coaching

You may think that through the same methods you will be able to help yourself. It can be easy to assume that if we know the method then we will do the work. Can we honestly say that we push ourselves enough though? Speaking to a confidence life coach is the first step in becoming more confident. It is an amazing thing to be able to tell yourself that you could benefit from outsider help. Just having someone in your corner cheering you on through this new journey into a more confident and expressive person can mean you push yourself further. 

Another worry may also be that you don’t have the time in your day to set aside for seeing this confidence life coach. The wonderful thing about modern technology is that you can now do this online. Video consultations mean that you can fit it around your life.

My initial offer of a free 30-minute phone consultation means that you can fully understand what you would be able to get out of my  help and support before committing.  

Confidence and expressing your emotions are about your mindset. If you’re willing to put the work in and practice, you can change the way you see yourself and change your life!

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How to Become More Confident in Expressing Your Emotions

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