How many women finally get pregnant after HSG(hysterosalpingography)

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Amazing discovery!  Since 1971 doctors have performed a procedure, that cleans your tubes out, thus helping you to get pregnant.  An injection of special dye is put into your tubes and water, which is picked up on an X-ray and helps to get to the bottom of infertility issues. Sophie had been trying for 5 years and finally after having this procedure as a last try, she announced she was pregnant after 6 weeks. Sadly, many women are not offered this service or even informed on it. Make sure you do your research yourself to avoid years of unnecessary misery over infertility. This could be you answer.

It is available on the NHS too.

By flushing out, you get rid of any debris that hinders fertility. This procedure may just help couples to avoid the IVF route.

What a fabulous thought for all those women out there. You could actually get pregnant naturally, which is always preferred!

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