Good Mood Food

Good Mood and energy

Eating the correct kinds of foods will help keep your energy levels up throughout the day.

Increase beans, lentils, and wholegrain food. Eat a healthy breakfast every day.

The best thing to eat is slow release foods such as Oats, Brown pasta. Rice and bread. Beans and lentils, Apples and pears.

Good Mood and Energy Foods

Cut down on sugar and salt. Sugar will drive your moods swings crazy. Try and cut down on sugar slowly.  Eat good fats, oily fish (oily fish prevents depression, as well as flax seeds and flax seeds oil) nuts and seeds.

When we are out and about, its easy and tempting to go for the bad choices. If you don’t have regular meals this plays havoc with your sugar levels so keep to regular meals but choose slow fuel options like baked potato, beans or a low sugar option. Always have a snack on hand in your bag so you don’t get tempted to reach for the wrong foods.  Nuts, oatcakes, and raw veg are a good choice.

When it’s your time of the month go for slow burn foods, concentrate on wholemeal and brown foods. You will be lacking in Magnesium during this time so eat whole grains, beans, lentils, green leafy veg and tofu. Try adding soy to your diet. Milk, burgers, mince, beans, tofu. This type of nutrition reduces hot flushes. It’s the plant estrogen in the soy that helps symptoms. Avoid soy if trying to get pregnant !

  • Exercise
  • Get moving!!
  • Boost your mood
  • Lower blood pressure
  •  Reduce cholesterol
  • Helps flexibility
  • Reduces heart disease
  • Keeps you trim!

Keep a look out for my next blog on Defending your body with food!!

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Good luck.

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