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Getting through Pregnancy with a Life Coach

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Pregnancy that you have waited for, for a long time, one would imagine it would be a fabulous, exciting experience!

Unfortunately, the reality is very different. It’s a lonely experience. Not only must you stop all the pleasures you had before in case of harming your baby, you also must fight for a seat on a train, you feel emotional, angry, sad due to hormones and the fact that your exhausted all the time doesn’t help.

You are also in a lot of cases experiencing painful stomach twinges and feeling sick, not to mention the hot flushes and lack of support from your partner and family.

You have this foreign body growing inside you. It’s a weird experience, and frightening wondering if your baby will make it to term. Wishing you could permanently be attached to a scanning machine so to be able to monitor your precious cargo.

Getting through Pregnancy with a Life Coach

You love your baby already but having to carry on working is tough. Getting through the traveling and the endless hours of work is a challenge. You really want to be taking it easy as not to stress your baby out, due to your stress! you worry about people knocking into you, or falling over and you clearly see that most people don’t care a toss that you are making a life inside of you and need to be handled with care.

The other challenge is having to keep your pregnancy a secret at work, so as not to be treated as useless or got rid of! You want to shout it from the roof tops but you can’t say a word day after day. You must pretend you’re on top form and, you can hardly keep your eyes open and wishing you were in bed!

Can a Life Coach in Hammersmith Help You Enjoy Pregnancy?

Unfortunately, most women will have to continue working right up to the time that they give birth. Most men are ill equipped to take care of you financially so you can’t enjoy your pregnancy really.  Such is life.

You as a woman, have the most precious job in the entire world. Reproducing, giving birth, yet you get treated as if nothing is going on and you are expected to get on with it and treated badly on top of it.  After your first trimester, yoga is advised to help you relax and breath, which will assist you in the physical demands of labour and pregnancy. The other reason I advise taking up yoga, is to meet other mums to be.

Annie Fontaine life coaching in Hammersmith offers a 30 mins complimentary session.

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