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My coaching philosophy is centered around the idea that everyone has the power to create positive change in their lives. Through coaching, I help clients tap into their inner resources, identify their goals, and develop strategies to achieve them.

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I have enjoyed my sessions with Annie and I have learnt so much about myself. She is so resourceful too, she had learning materials to support each part of my journey of self discovery. She is motivating and empathetic and understood me. I felt really seen. The course of my therapy changed a bit over time but Annie adapted to my needs and was also supportive between sessions over email when I was struggling.
Michelle B.

19 Feb 2023

Bark Review
Quite a big statement to make but Annie has genuinely changed the way I think in life. When I first met her I thought there would be no way I could start to think differently and more positively but I couldn’t have been more wrong. Very upfront and honest, Annie is also very approachable and I feel like I could trust Annie with anything. I couldn’t recommend Annie any more to others who are currently struggling or just want to do some CBT.

12 December 2022


Annie is caring , compassionate and very good at what she does as a life coach , having some kind of structure certainly benefits and has benefited me greatly . Annie has given me tools to incorporate into my daily life which makes a huge difference. Thank you Annie highly recommend and appreciated.

Kelly L.

14 Feb 2023

In the short time I’ve worked with Annie, she has helped me make considerable progress in my self-confidence and anxiety on a day to day basis. I look forward to each weekly session which honestly feels like having a chat with an honest friend. She is straight to the point and isn’t afraid to call you out if you aren’t doing your homework properly. But for me, that’s just what I’ve needed. You can tell Annie really cares about her clients, whether that’s through successes or failures, she will always find a way to make you feel more normal and less alone. If you’re feeling like you’ve lost yourself or feel like life has got you stuck in a rut, Annie is to the rescue!
Alice R.

21 Feb 2023

Bark Review

I have been working with Annie Fontaine since May 2021, initially for grief, anxiety and panic attacks – Annies coaching was significant in getting through this really difficult time in my life – we have worked on so many things and I am feeling in a much better place to deal with whatever life throws at me.

I still work with Annie but this has now morphed into coaching around setting up my own business – Annie has been amazing, ensures I focus on the right things and is great at keeping me on track. I highly recommend Annie, she is an amazing all-round coach and has the tools and experience to support with so many different aspects of life. 

Vanessa Black

14 October 2022

Bark Review

We all have that one friend. You know the one. She’s the one that when you are out to dinner, ritualistically drowning your midlife crisis in a bottle of 5-buck chuck, who will tell you straight to your face ‘hoist up your big girl panties’ and get on with it. We all adore this friend because they are the person we truly need when we are hurting, lost, or on the brink of jumping because at 40 you realize you no longer like men, want to sleep with the wife of the guy who was your husband’s best man at your wedding and live in a cottage somewhere deep in the woods. Annie is that friend… you just pay her to be your friend. But unlike your wise friend who will tell you what you ‘should’ do, Annie provides you with the tools to actually get there. She is no-nonsense, so if you’re looking for a warm cuddle through your crisis go elsewhere. But… if you truly want to move forward and have success with whichever ailment you have selected to keep you up at night, when you already look like hell from lack of sleep, then Annie Fontaine is your woman. I didn’t achieve overnight bliss with Annie, but she set me on a path to do my own work for the days, months, and years to come, and for that I’m forever grateful. 


26 October 2022

Bark Review
Excellent follow up. Professional and friendly. I look forward to working with Annie in the future.
Claire Hughes

13 October 2022

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Eating For Fertility Coaching

What Is Eating For Fertility Coaching?

Eating for fertility coaching is a coaching process that focuses on developing a customized nutrition plan to improve fertility and support overall health. It involves an assessment of the individual’s dietary habits, lifestyle, and medical history, and provides recommendations for specific nutrients and lifestyle changes to optimize reproductive function. The goal is to increase the chances of successful conception and a healthy pregnancy.

Improve Your Chances Of Pregnancy


Annie Fortaine is the best Eating For Fertility Coaching & Counselling in London. Eating organic for fertility, to extend life expectancy and feel better!

Why Eat organic food at all?
If you are concerned about being healthy or struggling with fertility, then you should educate yourself on eating organically, moving forward.

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Annie Fontaine Life Coaching in London

Why Should You Work with Annie Fontaine on eating for fertility?

As a professional Eating for fertility in London, I believe that diet is the main contributor to fertility challenges around the world. During our sessions, therefore, we will cover the following three important areas.

What you should eat for better results?

Food, is a major contributor to fertility challenges around the world. During our interesting and highly interactive sessions, we will cover some of the organic food you should consider in your diet.

In Britain for example, getting an outlet dealing purely on organic foods is a challenge. Fortunately, my guide is simple and reliable on places you should always consider during your organic food journey.

Which foods you should avoid in your fertility journey

The western world is moving from slow foods to fast foods due to lifestyle changes. However, this lifestyle shift has an effect on the global fertility rate. In our sessions, therefore, we will address the fast food. In our subsequent sessions, we will address the reasons why you should avoid fast food for better results.

Eating organically but on budget

I am a believer that a clean lifestyle should be affordable and more importantly, all the important elements should be available and on budget. In our sessions, we will handle all the important areas as far as budget and food availability are concerned.

Eating For Fertility

Eating for fertility coach in London – We have discovered that the food we eat contains toxins that destroy our good health, leaving us overweight, with poor digestion, cravings, muscle cramps, and heart rate changes. Not to mention allergies and changes to emotional stability and irritability, and by not eliminating all these toxins, we limit our chances of becoming pregnant and then carrying our baby to term.
Serious stuff, don’t you think!

During our sessions, I will guide you on what to eat and what to avoid and how to eat organic food and buy organic products on a budget. 

My journey eating for fertility

It took me 6 years to finally have my beautiful baby girl Scarlett. I made sure I ate correctly, took all the pills and potions necessary. I read books to improve my egg health quality after being told that now being 42 my eggs had depleted and were not that great anyway. I can recommend ‘it starts with the egg’ by Rebecca Fett. My partner had suffered testicular cancer and we were both told it was highly unlikely I would get pregnant naturally. I got myself a fertility expert whom I am happy to recommend on request. I threw out all the plastics in my house and did anything that I was advised to do to speed this process of getting pregnant up! I tried relaxation, yoga, acupuncture and still nothing. If you want to know how I finally achieved my dream , then please click on my blogs

Best Food to Eat During Pregnancy

Initial 25 mins Complimentary Consultation

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Powerful Result with Eating For Fertility in London

Studies by authoritative entities on fertility have pointed to one crucial factor, diet changes. We live at a time where life is better and more comfortable. However, our approach to food has moved from slow to fast food. Although there are legitimate reasons why fast foods are popular in Britain and other countries, they have a significant impact on our bodies.

Most people associate toxins with industrialisation, but according to pundits, the food we eat contains huge amounts of toxins. Toxins have a significant impact on our fertility levels. It is a public secret that our fertility is dependent on our food.

One of the recommendations by research entities on fertility challenges is changing diet. Organic foods are not only affordable compared to supplements, but also they help bodies in regaining “normality.” In our sessions in London, therefore, nutrition is an important segment in solving infertility.

Freequency Asked Questions About Confi

Eating for fertility coach in London – We have discovered that the food we eat contains toxins that destroy our good health, leaving us overweight, with poor digestion, cravings, muscle cramps, and heart rate changes. Not to mention allergies and changes to emotional stability and irritability, and by not eliminating all these toxins, we limit our chances of becoming pregnant and then carrying our baby to term.
Serious stuff, don’t you think!

During our sessions, I will guide you on what to eat and what to avoid and how to eat organic food and buy organic products on a budget.

Life can feel pretty empty when you struggle to create your family by having children. It’s a continuous battle seeing others who have managed to complete theirs and you are reminded constantly that you have a hole in your heart when you spot a pregnant woman or see a child playing. There are things you can do at home to improve your situation. Egg health is important and what can be improved so that you carry your child to term. “It starts with the egg’ a must-read. Removing toxins from your house will help. Eating a fertility diet and getting fit. PMA is, of course, a must. Positive mental attitude. Being calm and removing stress will increase your chances too. During our sessions, I will tell you all I know and tell you the story of how my little miracle arrived.

I will put you in touch with successful fertility experts whom you can also see alongside myself . You will arm yourself with information to alleviate doubts and worries creating stress and I can be with you every step of the way .

One of the critical areas in our sessions is the money aspect of organic eating. We explore some of the best budgets options for eating healthily in London.

How is eating for fertility a form of investment?

First, eating organic foods is one of the best ways of reversing infertility. Researches by different organisations and universities across the world have proved that with changes in diet, there are higher chances of regaining fertility.

Second, eating for fertility is a better and cheaper option for other ways of reversing infertility. The medical options are not only invasive but also subjects you to endless expenses. Fortunately, eating for fertility is affordable and non-invasive.

Finally, organic eating is also a game-changer in nourishing your body. Although people have valid reasons why they consume fast foods, organic foods help your body in achieving normalcy. Nutritionists believe that food is a form of medicine, and apart from reversing infertility, food gives the body holistic healing.


My Coaching Details


I’ll discuss the different programs during our initial discovery session and find the one that’s best suited for you. Once you enroll, we’ll begin your coaching program, and my ultimate goal is to help you become the best version of yourself and make noticeable changes in your life.

During the coaching program, I’ll interact mostly via live call sessions, which will be held regularly until the end of the program. If you prefer a more personalized approach, you can start my one-on-one coaching program. Alternatively, if you’re happy to work with others in the same position as you, I offer group coaching sessions where you can collaborate and assist each other’s development.

My coaching process starts with an initial orientation during our Discovery Call. From there, we’ll have a Strategy Session to get a clearer idea of your specific requirements and goals. Once we understand your needs, we’ll match you with a coach and a group of like-minded individuals. During the course, we’ll work together to identify any obstacles that are holding you back and transform your way of thinking to find a more tangible response to assist in your personal activation.

I offer customizable coaching packages that can last anywhere from day sessions to a year. However, my most popular programs are my 10-week, 3-month, and 6-month courses. If you’re concerned about building your relationship and excelling in major aspects of life, my longer programs may be a better fit for you.

My life coaching courses are priced according to their length and tenure, and they also vary depending on your circumstances and preferences. If you have any queries about the costs of my coaching, kindly contact me via a discovery call to discuss your options today.

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