Do you have low self esteem?

We would all love to unlock the key to low self esteem

Where does low self-esteem come from?  Low self-esteem is from lack of confidence. It usually stems from childhood or from bad school experiences. If as a child you processed certain experiences in a negative way , e.g. being bullied at school, that may create a negative image. feeling like a failure with your studies, being unpopular , being ridiculed, being told by siblings or parents that you are stupid or fat, this may have lasting problems with negative self-belief .

Yes, these are all negative situation, but it is how you process it internally , how you handle the problem and how you see yourself through it and not take it personally .

Your home life is super important and by the age of 5,  when self-esteem is established in a child,  it poses a huge responsibility from the adults who surround  this child to get it right !

 The fact your adult life will be affected and have such a huge impact on your life, the places you go , the choices you make , the job you have , the partner you have.

If low self-esteem develops in childhood , its paramount to tread carefully and nurture your child, build your child up , fill them with confidence and teach them to value themselves at such an important development time in their lives. A careless comment could have huge implications later , as I explained before, children will process in a different way to an adult and carry the negative self-image through to adulthood. I see so many clients with the same issue . Low self-esteem.

Trauma is another factor leading to low self-esteem . If an individual faces trauma , such as emotional or physical abuse and they do not see a professional to work through it .

We as adults have such a massive responsibility to our young and its time we all educated ourselves and took the job seriously !!! .

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