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Are you struggling with self-doubt, negative self-talk, and feeling held back from achieving your goals? Do you want to cultivate lasting confidence and unlock your true potential? Look no further than Annie Fontain’s Confidence Coaching in London.

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How Can I help You?

I can help you overcome self-doubt, build lasting confidence, and achieve your goals. Whether you're looking to excel in your career, improve your personal life, or feel more empowered, I'm here for you.

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Annie has been fantastic in developing my confidence and sense of self, especially working on my values and helping me in challenging experiences at work! She changed my life. Thank you

21 April 2022

Bark Review
Annie was brilliant for my 14 year old daughter who was struggling with anxiety during lockdown. It was a safe space for to share her worries and fears and Annie provided a wealth of resources and strategies for her to use in managing her emotions and gaining her confidence. I would highly recommend Annie for struggling teens or in fact anyone who needs help, guidance and support.
Joanne Harney

29 May 2021

Although we haven’t worked together for very long, Annie has already helped me so much, is supportive and has given me confidence that I will be able to improve my life and stand on my own two feet.

8 February 2021

Annie has changed my life for the better, I was low in confidence, struggling with my anxiety’s and depression, and it was effecting my work. After 3 months I’m able to handle whatever life throws at me.
Sam ridgway

2 March 2022

Bark Review

Annie is straight talking, confidence boosting and unafraid to ask you tough questions. Since I started doing sessions with Annie not only have I felt a massive difference in how I feel about myself, but others have noticed my physical difference. I hold my head higher, look more confident and take the leaps I was scared to before.

I was unsure about life coaching and was secretly quite sceptical when I started my sessions. But the whole process has made me more self aware and changed me for the better.

I would encourage others who are feeling a bit lost, or who feel a bit powerless sometimes to get in touch with Annie.


13 February 2021 v

Bark Review

3 months with Annie have been instrumental in changing my outlook, attitude and quality of life. I lacked confidence, suffered with anxiety and was missing out on so much before. Annie is lovely to work with, being kind and direct she gets to the core areas to concentrate on and is thorough and supportive. I’m so glad I invested the time, money and effort with Annie because it has certainly been worth it.


1 September 2022

Bark Review

I work in healthcare and I came to Annie as I wanted to explore expanding my portfolio career and to gain more confidence, to understand my skill-set, and to discuss work life balance. I have a young child and I was struggling to make it all work.
Annie Is a godsend. She’s personable, charismatic and her sessions were fun. It took 3 months to complete with a session a week. 50 mins is enough time and zoom is excellent. I was supported with the regular work sheets covering different topics that came up ; things like confidence building techniques and psychometric tests. Anxiety issues and triggers in my relationships were all covered. I now know what I want to do and I can’t recommend her enough.


30 June 2022

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Teenage confidence building coach in London and Online

What Is Confidence Coaching?

Confidence coaching is all about helping you overcome self-doubt, limiting beliefs, and fear of failure. As a coach, I’ll guide you in developing self-belief and boosting your confidence so you can take charge of your daily endeavors.

Together, we’ll work on stepping out of your comfort zone, reaching your goals, and activating a better version of yourself. I approach each session with patience and empathy, so you can trust that I’m here to support you every step of the way

Change Your Mindset, Change Your Life! with Confidence Building Coach


We will look at assertiveness, values, communication, performance, control, colleagues, and future. Below is a brief look at some of what we will explore together.

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Annie Fontaine Life Coaching in London

Why Choose annie Fontaine for confidence building Coaching?


Customised confidence-building approach

It is common knowledge that we all share different experiences. The diversity in our experiences shape our view towards life and more importantly, our confidence. In our sessions, I am passionate about customising the confidence-building journey for maximum results in London area.

Versatility in the confidence-building journey

The confidence-building journey is complex, and the life coach must be versatile for maximum results. For example, confidence-building requires the life coach to understand all factors affecting a client and their environment. As an experienced confidence-building coach, I have the duty of assisting my clients in defining all factors that may influence their confidence negatively.

Lastly, over the years, I have assisted hundreds of clients in confidence-building journeys. The success rate is a clear indication that customisation and versatility in my approach to confidence building is key.

Coaching for performance


The old behaviourist view , that we are empty vessels into which everything has to be poured . The new model suggests we are more like acorns , each of which contains within it all the potential to be an amazing oak tree . We need nourishment , encouragement , and light to reach toward, but the greatness is already within us .

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Initial 25 mins Complimentary Consultation

Self-esteem and self-confidence are thought to be made up of a number of factors


The ability to express yourself

Do you find it hard to express your views without being apologetic? The ability to express your opinion without being rude is one of the best indications of high self-esteem.

The ability to say NO

Did you know that the ability to say NO is one of the true marks of a person with high self-confidence? If you say no, you amplify your views without being apologetic.

The ability to control your strengths and weakness

In the modern age, it is easy to be swayed in concentrating on your weaknesses. However, discovering your abilities is an important step towards building your confidence.
According to scholars, however, the above indicators must be moderate. For example, it is vital to understand that by expressing yourself, you may rub others up the wrong way.

Why you need confidence building coaching?


A life coach helps in defining factors affecting your confidence

Confidence building in London is a complex process due to several reasons. The complexity of the process is the reason why working with a confidence-building coach is advisable. During sessions, the coach helps you in defining some realities affecting your confidence. Although there are many blogs, books and video blogs on this subject, the human element lacks in these alternatives.

A confidence coach helps in customising confidence-building journey

Our perception of life is different and therefore, various factors affect our confidence. The confidence coach helps in customising each person’s journey for maximum results. Although two siblings may share, a similar experience when growing up, the same experience may have affected them differently. A life coach is therefore essential in customising the confidence-building journey for each person.

A life coach helps in creating long-term solutions

Finally, a confidence-building coach in London is also ideal when creating long-term solutions. After the confidence-building sessions, the next important part is creating long-term solutions. Guidance from a professional life coach is a bonus.

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You’re lacking self-belief and confidence you may feel


Negative outlook

Do you have a negative outlook about your life, job, and your projects? If the answer is yes, you are more likely to suffer from low self-belief and confidence.

Inability to express your views and opinions

Do you find it challenging to express yourself at work, home or in social places? Pundits believe that the inability to express your views on different issues is an indication that you lack self-belief.

Focus only on your weakness and shortcomings

Nobody has a perfect life, and it is, therefore, normal to have flaws. However, if you only focus on your flaws, it is the right time to look for a life coach.

Think that other people are better than you are

If you think that other people are better than you are, you should sign up for sessions in life coaching in London.

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On the other hand, if you are full of self-belief and confidence you may feel


Better than others

One of the first signals that you are full of self-belief is — believing that you are better than other people are. Although it is vital to think that you have what it takes in life, putting others down is wrong.

Speak loudly, even in intimate spaces

Do you find yourself speaking loudly, even in quiet areas? Studies show that this habit is an indication that you are overconfident. However, there are exceptions to speaking loudly. For example, talking on the phone while receiving news (sad or happy) it is allowed to talk in high tones.

Over satisfied with life

Are you over optimistic with life and your progress, socially and financially? If the answer is yes, there are higher chances that you are over confident and full of self-belief.

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The secret to a fulfilling life is to focus on progress, not perfection.

— Annie Fontaine

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Frequently Asked Questions

Firstly, we would look at possible reasons for low confidence and self-esteem such as childhood bullying, poor parenting, damaging experience. Confidence building coaching in London is about learning the tools to change behaviour, thought process and achieving goals. I will help you to learn more about yourself, and how to have the life you desire. Improve how you feel about yourself and help build confidence.
Life coaching unlike counselling is not about harping on too long about the past but teaches skills on how to move forward. You will be set home study to read articles and learn new things, to then apply new approaches in your day to day life. Action is the key to change.
How would it feel to be sure about who you are, what your core values are, what your boundaries are? To be able to form healthy relationships and have a life you deserve.

In most publications, self-belief and self-confidence mean the same thing. The two terms are, however, different in terms of meaning and context. For our case, we will assume they are synonymous to one another.
The textbook definition of the two terms is “how much people trust their abilities in different contexts.” The definition underlines two critical factors — abilities and settings. In the realistic world, it is hard to sustain the same energy due to life challenges and inconsistencies.
For one to have a consistent self-belief and self-confidence, one requires more than ideal space and company of people. Pundits believe that the ability to have consistent self-belief goes beyond life dynamics.
If you find it hard to be self-confident, you should consider working with a life coach in London. During the sessions, the coach will help you identify alternative ways to remain inspired. In addition, most sessions also expand self-belief in terms of context to accommodate other important factors that make us confident in our abilities.

Self-worth and self-esteem are some of the essential areas in the world of psychology. Although the two terms are different in meaning, they share many similarities and therefore used interchangeably.
The two terms describe the manner in which we perceive ourselves. Our internal perceptions can be either positive or negative, depending on our socialisation. This definition means therefore that either we may have lower self-worth and therefore low self-esteem or we may have higher self-worth. Although journals and pundits concentrate on low and high esteem cases, there are many grey areas in this niche.
For example, extremely high self-esteem is not ideal, especially in 21st Century. On the other hand, lower self-worth is not ideal, regardless of one’s age.
Therefore, looking for professional services, especially from a life coach, is important. During the sessions, it is easy to define the reasons why you have lower or high self-esteem.

This question is crucial when deciding whether to sign up for to life coaching sessions or not. For better analysis, you should use the following parameters.

Evaluate how you relate with others

Do you feel intimidated by others at work, home or in social places? Understanding your reactions when in the company of others in important in making this important decision. You should also establish whether you are over confident or not during this process.

Do you find it hard expressing yourself?

If expressing your opinions on different issues is a challenge to you, it is important to find out why. In most cases, however, there are high chances that you may be suffering from lack of confidence. Over expressing yourself is nonetheless an indication that you have an inflated view of yourself and your knowledge on different issues.

Do you focus on your weakness?

If all that you see in your life are your weaknesses, it is correct that you may be lacking confidence. However, this does not mean that you should be blind to your vulnerability as a person.

Anyone can benefit from confidence coaching, regardless of age, gender, or background. If you struggle with low self-confidence, anxiety, self-doubt, or imposter syndrome, confidence coaching can help you develop the skills and strategies you need to build your confidence. It is particularly beneficial for those who want to improve their personal or professional relationships, advance in their careers, or pursue personal goals.

During a confidence coaching session, you can expect to work with a coach to identify your strengths, weaknesses, and areas where you lack confidence. From there, you will develop a customized plan to help you overcome those challenges and build your confidence. You will learn how to recognize and challenge negative self-talk, develop positive self-affirmations, and practice assertiveness and self-compassion.

The duration of confidence coaching depends on your individual needs and goals. Some individuals may benefit from just a few sessions, while others may need several months of coaching. Your coach will work with you to create a customized plan that meets your specific needs and goals.

Confidence coaching is different from therapy in that it focuses on building specific skills and strategies to improve confidence and self-esteem. While therapy may also address confidence and self-esteem, it typically involves exploring and addressing underlying psychological issues. Confidence coaching is not a substitute for therapy, and individuals with significant mental health concerns may be referred to a licensed therapist.

Yes, confidence coaching can be done online through video conferencing or phone calls. This allows individuals to receive coaching from the comfort of their own homes or offices, and eliminates the need for travel.

The cost of confidence coaching varies depending on the coach and the duration of the coaching program. Most coaches offer a free initial consultation to discuss your needs and goals and to determine if confidence coaching is right for you. After that, sessions typically range from $100 to $500 per session.

When choosing a confidence coach, it’s important to look for someone who is certified and has experience working with individuals who share your needs and goals. It’s also important to choose someone with whom you feel comfortable and can establish a strong rapport. Most coaches offer a free consultation, which provides an opportunity to get to know the coach and determine if they are a good fit for you.